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Hello doctor my mother before twenty six years has removed most of the thyroid glands in baghdad but right now some glands became somehow larger like one of the largest one is 2.5 mm
So we want to come to turkey istanbul for the treatment because most of the doctors here in Erbil are saying that she has to do a surgery to remove the thyroid glands.

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Hello Doctor,
I was checking about treatment about a condition that I have had for over 7years now which has not been diagnosed over the years of my illness. However, I have found out through personal research that it is thyroid related because of the following symptoms that I have, sore at the back of my throat on both sides, always hot in my body, can't concentrate, fatigue, loss of weight, rapid heart beat, thinning of my hair, dry skin , etc.
Is your hospital seeing patients with these problems? Is your treatment only limited to surgery? Kindly give me an idea of your treatment processes. Hope to hear from you soon and wish I can finally have some answers to my illness.

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