Robotik Tiroidektomi

No Neck Scar 
  "The DA VINCI Method"

It is now possible to perform thyroid operations without a neck incision. The Da Vinci method, which involves making an incision under the arm, eliminates the 2-cm scar across the neck left by videoendoscopic surgery. There are currently 1000 robotic surgical systems in various centers around the world, including Texas, Brussels, and Athens. Prof. Dr. Mete Duren is now among the centers offering robotic thyroid surgery using the Da Vinci Surgical System. The only prerequisite for this kind of surgery is for the patient to have a body mass index (height divided by the square root of the weight) of under 30. With this procedure, patients can still go home after 24 hours and take a bath the same day. Besides a completely hidden incision in the armpit, patients have no scarring or stitches on the neck.


Prof. Dr. Mete Duren making observations on the Da Vinci Surgical System in South Korea with Prof. Dr. Youn Chung of Yonsei University – the first institution to pioneer this procedure.


Stages in Robotic Thyroidectomy surgery

Status of patients 10 days after surgery





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