Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgeries in Turkey

The thyroid is a gland that produces thyroid hormones that are effective in all organs of the body. These hormones enter the blood circulation and make it possible for organs and tissues to function. The thyroid gland, which produces the thyroxine (T4) and tiriodothyronine (T3) hormones, regulates the metabolism of the body and controls its rate. The parathyroid glands are the name given to a total of 4 glands located on the right and left side next to the thyroid gland. The parathyroid glands produce parathormone and stabilize calcium levels in the body. Diseases caused by the thyroid and parathyroid glands have significant negative effects on the body. Thyroid diseases arise due to different causes. These are classified as the growth (enlargement) of thyroid glands (goiter), hyperfunction of the glands (hyperthyroidism), hypofunction (hypothyroidism) and benign and malignant nodules arising within the thyroid glands. When overproduced, the parathyroid hormone leads to hyperparathyroidism. Thyroid and parathyroid diseases cause different effects on the body and make life difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to attach required importance to the treatment process.

Why Should It Be Preferred to Undergo Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgeries in Turkey?

Thyroid and parathyroid diseases are treated with highly advanced medical technology in Turkey. Prof. Mete Duren, MD carries out the most advanced treatment methods in Turkey. Surgical techniques as well as robotic technology are utilized in thyroid and parathyroid surgeries. No scar is left in robotic thyroidectomy or in surgeries performed with the Da Vinci method. In surgeries performed by using this technique, patient can continue his/her normal life within 24 hours. In surgeries performed with Da Vinci surgical robot, the area where the thyroid and parathyroid glands are located is treated through the armpit and no suture is used.

Videoendoscopic surgical method is also used in thyroid and parathyroid surgeries. The method, known as closed surgery, is used by Prof. Mete Duren, MD and allows patient to return to normal life in a short span of time. No suture is required and no scar is left in the surgery carried out through a 2-cm incision near the neck. With advanced technology methods, patients can undergo surgery on weekend and return to work on Monday. Patients can easily move their necks as a result of surgeries performed with advanced technologies. The surgical methods which affect the daily life of patients at a minimum level also eliminate the complications that may occur in the following days.


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