Tiroid Cerrahisinde "Center of Excellence"




The Harmonic Scalpel, which puts an end to the use of scalpels, scissors, clamps, thread and knots and enables thyroid surgeries to be carried out through a small incision using ultrasonic waves, is a revolution in technological terms.

Besides starting to routinely use the harmonic scalpel, we desired to provide an educational facility to colleagues interested in learning more about this method.

With this aim in mind, Prof. Dr. Mete Düren – Istanbul Maslak Acibadem Hastanesi, has been designated a Thyroid Surgery “Center of Excellence” by the “Ethicon Endo-Surgery” firm and has now joined the ‘Prof. Rocco Bellantone, Rome-Italy', ‘Prof. Paolo Miccoli, Pisa-Italy', and ‘Prof. Thierry Defechereux, Liege-Belgium' Thyroid Surgery “Centers of Excellence” in Europe. Our introductory educational seminars aimed at training interested colleagues in this technique have now started.

Certificate given to trainees

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